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Ryan Johnson's Quarantine

Ryan Johnson, bassist for Timberline Express Big Band, does some multi tracking while in social distancing isolation.

Hot Tracks - Our Second Full Length Album!

Recorded early in 2019 at Sylvia Massy's internationally connected Studio Divine in Ashland, OR - to the specifications of the legendary L.A. sound engineer Al Schmitt. In addition to ten of Behnke's newest compositions and one from Portland's rising young gem Kenny Regan, The music of the TEBB, as always, reflects and respects the long history and tradition of big band music, but with no holds barred. This CD will quickly become one of your go-to big band collections.

Departures - Our first full length album!

The first release of Martin Behnke's TIMBERLINE EXPRESS Big Band. Includes eleven shimmering compositions written by MARTIN BEHNKE and played by some of the most exceptional jazz musicians in Southern Oregon! Martin Behnke's TIMBERLINE EXPRESS Big Band seeks to produce music that respects the history and tradition of big band music and also seeks to continue to move it down the tracks to heightened conceptual realms—all within the highest standard of musical performance.

Warm Audio Microphones Featuring TEBB and Sylvia Massy

Producer Sylvia Massy records Timberline Express Big Band at Studio Devine with the WA-47 Tube Condenser Microphone, WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone and WA-84 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - TEBB Holiday Single

Holiday Single by Timberline Express Big Band. The gentle and understated Latin opening of this traditional Christmas tune turns the corner into a driving swing feel for those wanting to express the spirit of the season. Then it returns to the quiet opening treatment of the melody. Tasty.

Baby Yoda loves TEBB!

Baby Yoda loves Timberline Express... The Mandalorian, not so much. See how things go in this exciting short!

Timberline Express Big Band Live

Check out this great video of Timberline Express Big Band playing live!

Setting up for the TEBB Recording Session

Producer Sylvia Massy tours the massive setup at Studio Divine for the Timberline Express Big Band sessions. On the floor are Warm Audio mics, Royer ribbons and Blue headphones, along with some special appearances.

Timberline Express Big Band Session

Enjoy a slice of studio life at Studio Divine with the Timberline Express Big Band conducted by Martin Behnke. Filmed by producer Sylvia Massy. Featuring mics by Warm Audio and headphones by Blue.